Why You Need A Buyer’s Agent

When venturing out on your own to purchase a home, you are going to need a lot of help. It is an overwhelming experience that is a seismic life event. While doing your own research and planning is a crucial step in understanding what you are looking for and what you can afford, hiring a buyer’s agent is essential to the process. This person is a professional and has made their life’s work helping people like you get the best available house for their money. With a decision that may lock you into your future for 15 to 30 years, it’s important to garner all of the potential advice you can. 

What is a Buyer’s Agent

Just about each and every home you will see on your home buying experience will have a listing agent. They have enlisted professional help to sell their home, you need a professional in your corner to help you at the negotiating table and all of the crucial steps before you decide on a house. A buyer’s agent will assist with paperwork, finding a range of homes that are within your budget range, and will help you compete against other potential buyers looking at the same dream home as you. This is a representative responsible for you and getting you the home of your dreams within your financial constraints. 

Hiring a Buyer’s Agent Costs Next to Nothing

Our brokerage charges a flat fee of $495 to represent buyers.  This fee not only covers your entire investment towards professional / experienced representation, it also covers document preparation and storage for you for the next 10 years.  Need paperwork from the home you bought 9 years ago – just call the office. Need a settlement statement for your accountant or financial advisor? We can send it. And considering that you don’t even pay a fee until settlement – This is a risk free investment in having someone who has taken part in hundreds or even thousands of housing transactions standing up for you at the negotiating table and having your best interests at heart. Don’t go into the room with a seasoned listing agent and get overwhelmed by the paperwork, you can have professional representation and get your home, at your price, because you deserve it.

A buyer’s agent will help you find the right property

You may have done some research on where you would like to live, but it can be best described as a hobby that you do after work or during your free time on weekends. A buyer’s agent knows all the ins and outs of each neighborhood. The agent will work with you to set a financial range and will begin setting up tours on your behalf to the properties that match the bill. 

Negotiating the offer

A lot can happen over the course of the buying process that might seem overwhelming to first time buyers. For instance, if the inspector comes back and begins to find some issues with the home, not deal-breakers but inconveniences that may slow down the deal, your buyer’s agent will help to alleviate the impasse.  Who will pay for the new roof or to reset the chimney? Should they find someone to do it or should you get an estimate and get that money taken off the price of the home? Which is easier? 

Also, there are professionals across the table from you. Listing agents are trying to get the absolute most out of you on behalf of their client. You need someone well versed in the home buying negotiations to look to get absolutely everything out of them on behalf of your interests. Every dollar your buyer’s agent saves you could be thousands of dollars throughout the course of the life of your mortgage. 

Buyer’s Agents can recommend other professionals

Purchasing your new home incorporates many more people and professionals than you think at the onset of the experience. A real estate attorney to review documents, an inspector, and all the way down to the moving company you should be using to bring all of your worldly possessions with you to your new dream home. A buyer’s agent you can trust is worth another four or five whole organizations you can trust with your home buying experience. With an abundance of experience the buyer’s agent can help with every step of your experience. 

Keeping your transaction on the timeline

A transaction of this size and magnitude can be thrown off the established timeline for a number of reasons. An experienced buyer’s agent will keep up with the established timeline in all of the legal documents that the two parties have signed to get you into your dream home at the established date and close the deal when both parties have agreed to it.