Moving can be stressful enough

… but when you throw in having to sell your home as well it can feel overwhelming. While we can’t tell you what you should look for in a house, we know that there are some things that the people looking to buy your home are looking for. By following these simple tips, selling your home will be easier and will help you move into your new home quickly and with peace of mind.

Handle Your Lawn With Care

Your front and back lawns are the first impression of your home. When the people meeting the realtor you have hired pull up to your home it should look as pristine as possible. It should look as though it is move in ready and that they have the best idea of what the lawn looks like when it is properly cared for. This includes taking care of any trees, shrubs, or plants. Your hedges and plants should be properly pruned and your lawn should be raked and free of leaves and other debris.

Take Care Of The Paint Inside

The beautification of your property is not just a requirement for the outside but for the inside too. Unless your buyer is looking for a project, chipped paint and exposed Spackle can be a turn off for potential buyers. While you may not want to expend the energy or cost to put a proper fresh coat of paint on the walls, a little work now can alleviate potential pain down the line.

Use A Professional Photographer

Help people see the beauty of your home before or without stepping inside. People use the internet for everything, and it has made consumers very risk averse. They want as much information as possible before they call a realtor or schedule a tour of your home. Clear and high quality photographs you can take with your phone are a great option to accomplish this.

A virtual tour will provide those without time to tour your home a better idea of the inside of your home. It gives potential buyers a better idea of distances and heights of ceilings and doorframes, where rooms are located and just how far they are from the front and back doors, how many steps there are and where the staircase is located. This is all sufficiently experienced through a virtual tour that can either be done by a realtor or done at home.

Hire Professional Cleaners

While you may feel like you are cleaning everything the right way before your potential buyers show up, the only way to make sure is if you reach out and hire professionals. The people who are coming to buy your house need the home to feel clean and accepting and the best way to achieve that is making sure they walk into a home that has a new house smell and feel.

Let The Light Shine In

Whether your home gets morning or afternoon sun, direct or indirect sunlight, you need to let as much light into your home as possible. That means taking out the blackout curtains and opening up all of the curtains and blinds to get as much natural daylight into your home as possible. Keep things light and airy. You can always find ways to make a home darker and keep the light out, but you canít always make a home lighter naturally. So err on the side of a bright and sunny disposition inside your home.

Take Your Family Photos Down

This is the toughest one to do when you are still living in the home! You need to remove all the photos of you and your family so that your potential buyers can imagine the home the way that they would want it. You want them to be able to imagine themselves living there their future home, not in a stranger’s home. Removing your personal effects will make this easier on the future owner and allow them to appreciate all of the details of your home.