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Unlike Baltimore City, which contains hundreds of clearly defined neighborhood boundaries, Baltimore County was developed during the age of the subdivision.  Although some neighborhoods are quite old and date back to the late 1700s, much of Baltimore County was developed between the middle of the last century and the present day.  This development has created some ambiguity as it pertains to neighborhood boundaries within Baltimore County.  Many Baltimore County neighborhoods are Census Designated Places (CDPs). Unfortunately, the boundaries of these CDPs often conflict with the Maryland Department of Planning boundaries for what is identified as the same neighborhood.  To make things even more complicated, over the years neighborhood identification has spread, leaving many to disagree on where one neighborhood ends, and another begins.

With these factors in mind, we have done our best to define with as much agreement as possible, the general boundaries that most residents (and Realtors) agree upon. We have only included the broader neighborhood identifiers as there are thousands of subdivisions within these neighborhoods.  We have also made use of more polygon mapping to define “properties are available for sale and lease” in each neighborhood region – as it is up to an individual listing Realtor as to what he or she may call the location of a listing.  Some will use the legal subdivision name, others will use the tract name within the subdivision, some will use broader neighborhood name, and still others will just define the property as in “Baltimore County.”

Please use the neighborhood map below, which has been divided according to zip code, in order to locate neighborhoods by geography or use the list to the left to identify the location of the neighborhood of those with which you may be familiar.  Click either to learn more about these Baltimore County neighborhoods.

If you are interested in discovering what to do in Baltimore County – please visit our Explore Baltimore page.

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